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Thu Wet Sanding After The Second Base Coat

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Can a Metallic Base Coat be sanded | The H.A.M.B

You really need to clear right away after the base. there is a certain window in which you can clear it without sanding. different products have different windows. the tech sheets from the product your using should have the recoat information on it.

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Did I screw up my wetsanding : AutoDetailing

Over the course of a week, I applied multiple coats of touch-up paint to fill in the chip; after the touch-up paint spot was raised up and around the chip, I wet-sanded with some 2000 grit sandpaper (by hand, no block; I have been sanding the entire time not using a block and haven't had any problems).

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sandpaper marks in base coat Archive Autobodystore Forums

Joe, sanding that primer with 600 grit should definately have been fine enough sandpaper for finish sanding prior to the basecoat. By now you are probably outside of your wet on wet time window so lightly wetsand it again with 600 grit and reapply some more basecoat. It sounds to me like you possibly might be seeing problems where there are none.

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Hand Sand or DA Archive Autobodystore Forums

The AirVantage is light and has a real low center of gravity which makes it great for wet sanding prior to buffing. If the peel is real bad you can start with some 1200 or even more coarse if you have enough paint on the surface. I normally start with 1500 Trizact wet then go over it with 3000 Trizact wet prior to buffing.

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Wet sandingpolishing clear coats Scale Auto Magazine For

One grey area I have is if I wetsand after shooting one coat of clear, but do not buff, will the coat I put on after that restore the shine or do I need to buff everytime between coats? In the past I have only sprayed about three coats, and then wet sanded and buffed only after the last one, fearing that wetsanding in between would dull the finish.

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WetSanding Prior to or after applying clear enamel

Getting the basecoat as flat as possible will save you time and reduce the risk of burning through the clear coat when you wetsand, cut, and buff it. Again, do not sand it too fine between base coat and clear coat. 800 wet before clear coat will be sufficient. Only wetsand the areas that need it, just lightly scuff the areas that do not.

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sanding the color coat before the clear

Would wet sanding the color coat with 1000 grit paper be wise before spraying on the clear? I'm using dark cranberry dupli color, and while it doesn't say it's metallic, it sure looks it. I've read that you shouldn't sand before the clear, but the surface looks a little rough.

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Sand basecoat before clearcoat How to Paint Your Own Car

I think you know this,,But what you are talking about is not a true Base Coat Its a single stage. A true base coat must have a clear applied over it. You can add clear on top of a lot of coatings like acrylic enamel,,,but you should not sand a true base coat. That was the original question I think.

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Metallic colour coats and wet sanding | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Sanding metallic, my experience Sorry for my english. Base on my own experience, i lay 2 normal basecoat and 1 wet basecoat - orange brown metallic. than i sand it flat. after i put clear coat, the reflection look like mirror or glass. But now my color became SOLID I loose my sparkling star, glitering, flakes or what ever it is.

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Do You Have to Scuff the Base Coat Before Painting the Clear Coat

Wet-sand the base coat before starting the clear coat. Wet sanding makes the surfaces smoother. It is often a step in polishing cars and other items. If you wet-sand the base coat, wash the vehicle with soap and water after this step, not before. Once the base coat is smooth and clean, starting spraying on about three to four layers of clear coat.

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BodyPaint View topic Base coat to clear

The second and third coat go on thick. Cover well. If you have any dust, bugs, or runs in the base, you will want to spot sand those before applying the final coat of base. If your final coat of base has any imperfections, touch up and shoot again. If your base has metalic in it.. that is another story.. heeh.

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Clear coat sand paint before RC Groups

Question Clear coat -- sand paint before? Slope. rubber or foam blocks. Wet sanding, progress from 600 then 1000 then 1500 then 2000, but be careful, it only takes a few passes to cut the texture off the paint.

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Prep Prime and Paint your ride the Eastwood Way | Eastwood Blog

Wet sanding 2K Urethane primer is best done with 400 to 600 grit wet/dry paper on a Durablock. Under most circumstances you will not need to DA sand over your work after wet sanding because wet sanding creates much finer scratches. Wet sanding epoxy primer is usually the best way to prep it because epoxy has a tendency to clog paper when sanded.

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Should I sand or wet sand the base coat before adding another

Should I sand or wet sand the base coat before adding another color? Discussion in 'Luthier's Guitar & Bass Technical Discussion' started by Rick Lee, Mar 8, 2014.

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wet sand color coats before clear | Telecaster Guitar Forum

I did the same thing with the 1st coat of clear before realizing the problem and that I needed to put down coats that were truly wet looking. At that point I would describe the surface as moderate' orange peel. But after just 1 heavier wet coat you can see how the finish is becoming level.

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Sand down base coat before clear | HondaSwap

Depens on quality of base coat. some basecoats spray on very smooth not requiring sanding. just wipe down over spray with tac cloth after every coat drys. some high quality paints wont have any overspray. dont just sand, wet sand. you dont want hard pieces to stick to the dry sand paper cause youll gouge the paint. if the base coat is rough, add more reducer to get the smooth feel. dont wet.

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A question for rattle can gurus Techtalk Speaker

Re: A question for rattle can gurus I always sand before clear with 2000 grit and I always get a smooth mirror finish, but that is only after curing for at least a week. If you spray a clear coat before the base is fully cured and hardened it will ruin it. That is on computer cases, though I can't see enclosures being any different.

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So I sanded through my clear help! | The H.A.M.B

You said you sanded after the first coat of clear??? Usually, I put 2-3 coats of clear down (urethane material) before sanding. We usually have to spray a light coat or two of basecoat over the bad area (creating a band aid ) and clearcoat the panel. If I know I'm going to sand/buff, I really like 3 coats of clear before sanding.

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Do You Have to Scuff the Base Coat Before Painting the Clear

Wet-sand the base coat before starting the clear coat. Wet sanding makes the surfaces smoother. It is often a step in polishing cars and other items. If you wet-sand the base coat, wash the vehicle with soap and water after this step, not before. Once the base coat is smooth and clean, start spraying on about three to four layers of clear coat.

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Sanding Base Coat Paint | HondaSwap

Rules to base coat 1. dont cheap out on paint. pay the extra coin for top quality name brands. goes on smoother, less chance of solvent pops and stays fresh longer. 2. when wet sanding a base coat, only use1500 (you CAN use as low as rough as 1000 but only if you are skilled in not burning through).

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Final sanding before basecoat | Southern Polyurethanes Forum

I don't think he was using epoxy as his base as I don't remember anyone using it then. Think it was an etching primer. He would do his initial blocking with 80 grit, then recoat and sand with 120-150. Re-coat and sand with 220 then 2 wet sands. 3 drys and 2 wets each round of sanding preceded by priming.

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Wet sand before or after clear coat | Mustang Forums at StangNet

Just what to know if you wet sand the base coat then spray the clear and wet sand the clear or do you prime-base-clear than wet sand just the clear. I would think that the base coat would show imperfections unless you wet sand it before you hit it with the clear.

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How to Do a Good Base Coat Clear Coat Paint Job wikiHow

Apply a second coat of the base coat after the first one has dried. Use the same technique as before, moving in slow, even, strokes. This is a great time to check over the vehicle and make sure things are looking even. Once the second coat has been applied, clean out your spray gun to get it ready for the clear coat.

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Sanding Scratches showing through base coat | Southern

Waited 36 hours and then guide coat and wet sand with 400 grit to remove guide coat. Today I shot 3 coats of SPI Dark Red base and now it will sit overnight before clearing. Problem is I can see the 400 grit sanding scratches. Normally I finish to 600 grit wet but since it was a solid color I thought the 400 would be fine. Questions.

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base coatclear coat sanding tips

Base coat - no metallic or pearl is ok to sand - 1000grit but only to get rid of dirt nibs. base coat with pearl or metallic - do not sand, if you get bad dirt nibs you can spot sand with like 1000 but you have to spray another coat. sanding will mess with the flop of the metallic. clear coat - 1000-1500-2000 final.

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Wetsanding basecoat Custom Paint Forum

On your basecoats, yes they do need to be cleared or recoated in 24hrs, but if you sand the base then you have more time before you have to recoat because you have opened up the pores and given the next coat something to bite into. I usually do not wetsand base coat unless something horrid found its way into it while it was wet.

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Wet Sand Dry Sanding Techniques When Prepping for Base Coat

Hey, it’s Tony. Thanks for watching the video and checking out the blog today. Now, let’s talk about Wet Sand & Dry Sanding Techniques When Prepping for Base Coat Painting. I spent 13 hours on this car to get it primed up, finish all body work and ready for paint.

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How to Wet Sand a Clear Coat wikiHow

This sounds as if you may have burnt straight through the base coat and the grey spots are the primer underneath. The base coat is a lot thinner than the clear coat, so if you happen to get through the clear without realising, then you will burn through the base coat in no time.

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How to Sand and Buff Clear Coat | YourMechanic Advice

Wet sanding is a way to ensure that the clear coat looks as expected, enabling it to provide protection and give your car the polished look you desire. YourMechanic has a useful guide to applying a clear coat base if you are searching for extra help in getting started and applying the clear coat properly.

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Sanding Base Coat

After applying the first base coat we wet sanded with 800 grit. Today we sprayed the second and final coat. We plan on wet sanding tomorrow so we can spray the clear coat. What grit do you all recommend we sand the second base coat with? 1,000? What about wet sanding the clear coat for buffing? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks M.

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